Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer is Here!

Sorry i havent posted much lately. Just been busy getting all my new songs together with my new band chris, tony, brad and raphael. we just recently played our first gig together at the stone pony and tested out some of the new ones and i gotta say, it was the most fun i've had onstage in years. thanks so much to everyone who came out and danced!
On another tip, one of my favorite magazines, PASTE, has been hit with some hard times because of the recent economical free fall. They have always been the best at covering music, film and books that really matter. This is one of the only magazines i actually save and file. anyways, they had a bunch of artists donate live and rare tracks that you guys can have access to downloading if you donate to PASTE to keep the mag alive. Theres great stuff up there from my buds The Avetts, along with Of Montreal, Neko Case, the Jayhawks, the Hives, She & Him, and shitloads of others. I donated a live version of "the way it is" from the Stone Pony show we just did. So help a brother out and go give PASTE some money, get some awesome tunes and lets be able to keep reading this thing aight?!
Got a couple new shows coming up too. On June 10th I'll be in LA at one of my favorite haunts (and i say that bc its fucking haunted!) Largo at the Coronet Theatre. I'm playing solo and i think my buddy Bo from MMJ might come up and play piano on a few songs with me. YAY! Sharing the bill is the dangerous and perverse comedy of Two Headed Dog (my buddy Jim Turner and cohorts) and Honey Honey, who sound just like their name...sweet and delicious. I'll be playing a bunch of new songs all alone so come by for moral support. scary! hahah!
Then the new Sea and I play with the Avett Brothers at Irving Plaza on June 12th. As of now there are still some tickets left for this show so if you wanna go I would step on it bc it will sell out i'm sure. Those Avetts are ticket selling demons! I seriously can't wait for that show. I'm really enjoying playing the new songs...faster faster faster!!!
See you guys at the show and in the meantime, stay out the rain, listen to some mastadon and party on wayne!


DaveCromwell said...

Glad you had fun at the Stone Pony show.

It was a blast to be there.

Thomas said...

What happened to the original Sea?

And yes, the new Mastodon is great!

Joe said...

Thanks for the Paste info - I agree, their musical taste is unequalled.

I hope you don't mind my promoting this, but Nicole Atkins fans should know that she wrote and performed the theme song for WE tv's Raising Sextuplets series, which premieres June 11 at 10 PM. Listen for a 30-second slice of a different side of Nicole's musical talents.

Jersey Jeff said...
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dj89 said...
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Joe said...

Jersey Jeff, actually that video features a temp track that is not from Nicole. The audio is at:

Joeye said...

Hi Nicole

What a great show at the Pony.I had a blast!!!! The new songs were amazing, i can not wait for them to be released. When are they coming out????

Jersey Jeff said...

Aight.. my bad.. Thanks Joe! BTW, I just purchased tickets for the June 12th Irving Plaza NYC show... Love the new songs. Can't wait to see the show! - Thanks Nicole!!

the_donny said...

Hi Nicole,
Thanks for taking time to meet up with me and my girlfriend and our friends after your show at the Stone Pony- we immediately checked to see if Aimee Mann tickets are available at the Ram's Head- but alas, sold out.


Anyways, none of us had ever been to that part of Jersey before- Neptune is one pretty cool place, and Asbury Park was awesome!

Hopefully we can catch you again at Sonar sometime soon!