Monday, September 28, 2009

I & Love & You

Tonight is the Avett Brothers debut on the Letterman show! Please tune in and watch this wonderful band perform their single "I & Love & You" Also, tomorrow their record of the same name comes out on Columbia records. Please support the band and pick up a copy. I'm sure it will become one of your favorite records. I'm so proud of these boys. It was only a couple years ago we were all playing in the backs of any restuarant that would have us, feeling on top of the world if more than 50 people showed up to a gig, and relying on our folks to lend their van when ours broke down (or my their case, for their pops to lend me gas money. haha!) And right about now they are braving the cold that is the Letterman set. Air so cold you can actually see mist, and in about an hour, they are gonna burn that fucker down as they introduce the world to their heartfelt, real and timeless music. I'm so excited! Witness it tonight and watch out for us on tour with them starting the 18th!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sir Parker in Austin!

Above is a little video of the beginning of the maiden voyage that is to be my new side project with my good friend Robert Harrison that we are calling Sir Parker. We wrote a couple songs last winter that we loved but didnt quite fit on my solo record and he had crafted a bunch of wonderful songs that fit with those. Some for us to duet too! So here I am in Austin again at his studio the Star Apple Kingdom laying down some vocals on James the tape machine. Sadly Robert had to sell the Star Apple Kingdom so this will be the last thing recorded here. The first thing recorded here was one of my favorite records, the Big Picture, from his old band Cotton Mather. More details on Sir Parker soon and hopefully once things get a bit more fleshed out we can let ya'll have a listen to these magical songs.

I've been in a phase of listening to others music lately. The new Flaming Lips Embryonic Ep is really inspiring. If you guys have any suggestions on music you're diggin these days that you wanna share please comment here. Hope all is well!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Shows this Week!!!!

So we have two very fun shows on deck this week! The first one is at my very talented photographer friend, Danny Clinch's, gallery opening for his portraits of Mr. Bruce Springsteen. The show is called Be True and its on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. It starts at 6pm and is free and open to the public. I'll be doing a little acoustic set and am hoping for the first time to throw in a couple Bruce covers for the occasion. Afterwards one of my favorite new local bands, Rivercity Extention will play a full band set. They are wonderful and it will be a great night so come on out.

The next night the Black Sea and I are set to play NYC's Webster Hall supporting our buddy Rhett Miller! Some tickets are still available for this online and at the box office. We will be playing some old songs and some new songs so we're really excited for you guys to hear what we've been up to. Opening the show is Jim Ward formerly of At the Drive In, so of course the boys in my band are stoked. As Chris said once, "Bands like At the Drive In really hit your inner-man tones." um, yea. hahah! See you guys there! (the show is posted as rhett miller and we are opening so just click on his pretty face for details)


PS! We will have our new t-shirts this Saturday night at Webster Hall!!! They are tri-blend super soft heather gray and they are multicolored and hand pulled so each shirt is unique! The design above is a pencil drawing of the artwork designed by Secret Serpents! Pick one up at the show and look good! reeeeal good.