Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He Has the Soul of Liz Claiborne!

Sitting with Susan in the living room. She's making plans for ornate headdresses and I'm making plans for SXSW. Veeeery excited to be heading down there again! My good buddies Future Clouds & Radar will be backing me up for my shows down there. Halla! So far I know I'm doing the PBS showcase on the 14th. Band of Skulls will be doing it too which I'm psyched about because even though I havent heard them yet, I've heard good things about them. I'm also playing the Bellhouse/WXPN party at 1pm on Saturday. I might be doing that one solo but am not sure yet. I'm reallyyyyyyy excited about my actual music showcase but I can't announce it yet. I want to! But I gotta wait till they put it up on the sxsw site. soon my friends!
Learning the Who song "The Song is Over," for the Carnegie Hall show this tuesday! Its a tribute to the Who and the lineup is grrreat! You guys should get tickets if they are still available. Also, there are still tickets available to my City Winery show with Joseph Arthur on March 12th. Neptune City album artwork artist Nic Rad is going to be doing and projecting a live painting of my set behind me while I play. Yay!
Last thing last...I'm djing at Niagra this Thursday! Come out and Dance. Lots of exciting updates to come soon!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Last October we visited the Daytrotter Headquarters and did a session. You can view it and download it now! Hooray!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stories in High Fidelity

Last Wednesday I was part of a show at the Bowery Ballroom called "Stories in High Fidelity." It was an absolute blast. Lots of really funny storytellers including NY Times writer Allan Light (whos touching story about his 6 year olds Beatlemania actually made me excited about my hopeful futuristic children), novelist Dan Kennedy (who did a hilarious interpretation of what a group prayer by Bon Jovi might sounds like before they go onstage!), Jason Gordon (who read a book report he did in 5th grade about the Doors "No One Here Gets Out Alive") and David Bryne who did an amazing lecture about how musicians make music for specific venues, ie, rap is made for car speakers, midtempo U2 music is for stadiums, etc. Actually made me have more of an understanding for East coast vs West Coast hip hop. If you ever get a chance to listen to David Byrne lecture, do it! Its eye and ear opening and extremely funny in his way. After the speakers, I played a small acoustic set solo and was accompanied by cartoonist Michael Arthur who drew cartoons of my songs while i sang them. He has a great band called Balthrop Alabama that ya'll should check out. Actually they are playing one of the nights I host at Bowery Electric on March 5th. Come see them!
For my last song I played "Neptune City," and was joined by David Byrne on vocals and guitar. It was like a dream as he's always been one of my favorite artists and now here he was up onstage singing and playing my song with me. yip! I loved the way his guitar playing made a somber song such as that sound, i dunno, tropical! Byrne brought the warmth.
A great show topped off by a great hang with my ladies Miss LuLu and Mandy, Foleyz, my roomie Susan and her bf Adam, my producer Phil Palazollo or Pizzapollies as he's lovingly referred to as, and good ol' Dawn and Tom. Courtney, Jackie and the notorious Vodka Dave were in the house as well although my dancing shoes were not awake enough to follow them into the night.
It was such an amazing night that I can't wait to be part of again. In the meantime, if you ever see one of these stories in high fidelity shows advertised or a storyteller slam by the MOTH. GO go go!!!

Lookout for a new blog on Monday, I know I've been lazy with this thing but there are lots of things to share! Also, I have a video I'm gonna post of David Byrne and I singing together once I figure out how to convert the video into a smaller file. Any tips?

Thursday, February 4, 2010


My superhero librarian roomie susan makes gorgeous necklaces out of antique wood and gold and now you can buy them! check out her etsy site!

Paste Session

Back in October when we were out on tour with the Avett Brothers we visted our buds at Paste Magazine for a live session. Have a gander!
cut and paste (no pun intended!) this link into your browser!