Sunday, July 25, 2010

In the Meantime....

details on my journey out with regina spektor and her band to come soon. also, tickets are still for the taking for my shows on aug 1 with rufus wainwright at the paramount theater in asbury park nj and aug 7 with simone felice at city winery in nyc. get you some goods! in the meantime...enjoy this....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cookin, Pickin and a Grinnin'

A couple weeks ago, along with the help of my sister Courtney, drummer Adam and buddy Bradford, I had the pleasure of taping a little cooking/gig event. Backyard BBQ and it was an absolute blast! Take a gander...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Greetings from Connecticut!

I'm writing to ya'lls from the Carriage House in Connecticut where Phil Palazzolo and I are doing the final mixes of my new record Mondo Amore. Theres still a ton to do. Some vocals here, guitars, etc. but its really exciting that this is all coming together. (fuck it i'm not going to use capitol letters anymore)
this is the record i envisioned making almost two years ago when i knew what i wanted but i had no idea how to pull it off. so basically just working away for a year at it and just concentrating on the songs and who would play on them and then magically at this final juncture i just took a step back and realized, wow, this is exactly what i wanted. i couldnt tell you how it happened but it did. i can't wait to share it with you. right now we're mixing "oh canada." this morning we finished up "hotel plaster" and "heavy boots." phil and i have been awake for more hours than most people should and in the studio kitchen saw two bottles of english baking soda. from there we argued on which bottle of baking soda would win in a fight. then we watched a youtube video of a monkey fucking a frog at the zoo. now we're listening to the rolling stone's "starfucker," and replacing it with "frogfucker." i think that monkey took the whole "you gotta kiss alot of frogs to find your prince," thing to a whole new level.
anyways, we're gonna be working away on the record through the Fourth of July holiday. putting the spit shine on these little songs under the fireworks in the middle of the woods surrounded by dogs, cats, friends, and tons of paint markers. i wish you all a wonderful holiday with your family and friends as well as to our friends in the armed forces. thank you guys! and for all those in brooklyn. two days and its on fuckin FIIIIIIRE! have fun!