Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My guitarist Bradley York and I, aka The Blackouts will be DJing this thursday, june 18th at Bowery Electric on 2nd and Bowery in NYC. 10pm to 3am and its free! We'll be serving up soul, rock and psychedelic freakouts all night so bring some friends and some dance moves! power moves!


Viewtiful Joe said...

Good luck with the DJ'ing, hope it goes well! Just have to mention though:

Last Friday's Frantic 'Plaza Pursuit...

After having to acquire a rental car mid-day Friday, driving a total of 11 hours (to and back) from Boston to New York, battling a GPS that was forged from the fires of hell ("When possible make a legal u-turn"...on a bridge...I swear it was trying to kill us...), and running what seemed like 30 blocks down 5th ave, me and 3 friends all slid into Fillmore just as the screen onstage was rising and your show began.

The reward for our expedition was another incredibly awesome performance, albeit a bittersweetly short one. :) I was really into the new band, but we're all bad with names, so we didn't get a chance to learn all of them. Can't wait for the new stuff to hit the market, I was especially digging The Tower, good stuff.

This was the first show one of my friends saw, and he really had a great time. He picked up Neptune City on the way out, which ended up being a nice soundtrack to have to escape from New York with in the midnight hours. (I think it was Brooklyn's On Fire that finally convinced us to destroy the demon GPS at 2 am.)

Ramblings aside, the show was fantastic (Avett Bros. were good, but you guys were the reason we bought the tickets), and worth all the adventures it took to get there! Hope to see you and the new band in the Boston area sometime in the future, we've got a larger crew of "Sea Monsters" anxiously awaiting the next show!

Matt said...

As the co-pilot for the above pursuit I would like to emphasize that it was entirely the GPS's fault for our near-death experiences. They were not at all due to co-pilot mistakes, such as entering 54 St Brooklyn instead of W 54 St Manhattan.

Adventures aside, Viewtiful Joe said it best; your performance was incredibly awesome and we definitely enjoyed the mix of old and new songs.

The rest of the night consisted mostly of walking around the city and eventually returning to the Boston area. Our other friend (who bought Neptune City) reminded us this week about some other Massachusetts shows in the future. I think it's clear they became an overnight fan.

Have a great time DJing!