Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Elizabeth Berg novel mentions me.... yay!

Dudes! So my aunt bee emailed me today to tell me that I'm mentioned in a novel! Its by Best Selling author, Elizabeth Berg and its called "home safe."

Home Safe

Random House - April 28, 2009
What's it About?

Helen Ames is a writer who has recently lost the ability to write. And her husband. And her nestegg. Now she's worried about losing her daughter. The book looks at the nature of creativity, the mother/daughter relationship, and the surprising places one can find love and meaning.

Thats the most randomly cool thing ever. Anyways, me and my album are mentioned on page 7. Ya'll should go pick it up. I'm on my way to do so now! YAY!


dreamstablekeeper said...

Nice. I hope my library acquires a copy. Feeling a bit chilled after reading that swipe at your ex-bandmates in your prior post. You really haven't had that much fun onstage in YEARS? You mean you were faking your enthusiasm? That would make you quite an accomplished actress in addition to your other talents. Please say it ain't so, Nicole. Say it ain't so!

bleedingdiamonds said...

i usually dont comment on my on posts but am definitely compelled to after this comment above. my post on my enjoyment with playing with my new band is in no way a "swipe" at my old band at all. i've always had a blast with my old band onstage at every show we've ever done. even venues with no monitors. and now i'm having a blast with a new one. this is not a forum for "swipes" at any of my friends, bandmates or cohorts and i'm suprised you would read it that way.

Bill said...

That is so cool, Nicole. The book itself sounds very compelling, too. I'll definitely be checking it out. Thanks for the heads-up!