Sunday, May 17, 2009

in limbo by b. lloyd york

here is a video that my guitarist bradley lloyd york made. he illustrated, animated and made the music for it. he is a special dude.


DaveCromwell said...

Very trippy. I like it a lot. It's complex, yet the illustrations are quite rudimentary. I suppose there is a message in there.

I really dig the soundtrack.

susan said...

this is special!

dj89 said...

i watched it a few weeks ago- hes a talented dude- his band (and now your band too) sikamor rooney are pretty awesome as well-

you should get him to do the vid for a song off the next album

Maria said...

nicole-i was thinking about what you said, on what you should say at the end of your songs and i think it should be SANK YOU VERY MUCH. and then bow your hands together..ahahaha just an idea!