Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekend with the Avetts!

So i decided to switch my blog over here from tumblr. There were alot of people asking about being able to comment and also, this layout is a bit easier to manage so here ya go.

Anyways, Halloween was last night and we played with the Avett Brothers in Greensboro at the War Memorial Theatre. Tonight we play with them at the Peace Center. War and Peace. Nice! The show was super fun. I didnt have my regular band with me so I pulled together some of my favorite players from various bands in my old stomping grounds of Charlotte. Matt of the Houston Brothers, John Phillips, DK & Shawn of Bushovski and Stephen of Secondhand Stories. It sounded great. The guys really pulled it together in such short notice and practice time and most of all it was just great to play a show with some good old friends. We dressed up as Dia De Los Muertos and i'll tell ya, if I could play every show dressed up like that i would. It really suits the sound. Stephen's friend Blair and I made this really gorgeous flower wreath for my headpiece and at the end of the show I threw it in the crowd. Afterwords I was a little bummed bc I really wanted to keep it but felt compelled. Ah well, hopefully someone caught it and will give it a good home.
That Rock of Love Charm School is on tv right now. So fucking frightening. I just don't know how people can live like that but most of all I don't know how it has this power over me to continue to watch it. Turning it off now.........
So tonight we play Greenville. The Avetts dad Jim is releasing his Gospel record he made with Scott and Seth so I'm excited to hear them do some songs off of that one live. I'm still trying to get some of this greasepaint off of my face from last night. Also my voice is feeling much better than it did last week and thanks so much for the well wishing. 
I'll put some pics up from Halloween soon yo.


Anonymous said...

hey nicole,

looking forward to your show in nyc. it's a long awaited night out for the wife and i, so you should feel honored...LOL. when are you coming to long island? westbury perhaps? see you on 11/14.

PlaysByEar said...

Great, thanks for coming to blogger! I can finally tell you I totally agree with your "five dollar foot long" comment!

Robert Joyner said...

I like the cover of "The Way It Is" that avett did... saw it on youtube

Filmthingy said...

Heres some footage I shot at the Peace Center concert. Great show!