Sunday, November 23, 2008


When I was 23 I worked for this record label called Rainbow Quartz. It was mostly because I was freakishly obsessed with one of their bands, Cotton Mather. I was never fortunate enough to see them live and knew that they had broke up quite a few years ago. Anyways, when I did ACL a few months back i did a little interview with the Austin Chronicle and they asked me what the first thing i thought of when they said
"austin" so of course i said "cotton mather." A few weeks after that I got an email from the singer/songwriter Robert Harrison of that band. He thanked me for the namecheck and told me he liked my voice and songs. I bugged! So we met up for a chat during ACL. As it worked out, we clicked and now i'm down here in Austin yet again and we are working on some songs together. wonderful, weird, sincere, supernatural little ditties. I'm having the best time. Its so funny how the universe meets people up in these ways. We've spent the days writing at his studio, the star apple kingdom. A psychedelic little house studio with a pink piano and a big picture of alpacas swimming in the ocean. Then last night we headed out to Emo's and saw Nada Surf. We met them and they were such nice dudes. They said they'd heard my cover of Inside of Love and dug it. Yay! Opening for them was the Jealous Girlfriends. I love them! We played with them a year back in Philly. Holly, their singer and I went on a mission to find drinks after 2am in Austin to no avail but had a nice little hang with a homeless guitarist. She grabbed his guitar and sang some Lauren Hill song. So much fun. Woke up with a bad headache and spooning a boxer named Winona. Went back to the star apple kingdom and finished the lyrics up to three brand new tunes. Beautiful evil shit. I can't wait to play it for ya'll.
Anyways, Robert now has a wonderful band called Future Clouds & Radar and they have a new record out called Peoria. Its an adventure. Pick up a copy over at Amazon or somewhere. You'll love it. Also check out some tripped out videos at

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Mike Bennett said...

Awesome news that you are working with the main Cotton Mather guy. It's too bad you never got to see them live, as they were pretty darned good. You should also look into working with the producer of Kon-Tiki, Brad Jones.