Sunday, November 9, 2008

Home from Carolina

Just got home from our shows this weekend in DC and Charlotte. I figured I'd write a little bit because i can't pretend i like football anymore. I really wish I could get into sports but I just can't. Sport night food is good though. Its nice to come home after an 11 hour drive and a pot of pulled pork on the stove.
So the shows were such a good time. Both the DC and Charlotte crowds were rowdy and fun and i'm so glad we're out doing these shows with our friends Salt & Samovar because they are just killing it. Their sound has such a vibe to it. Its evil and mysterious and layered and magical. You should check them out I can't wait for our Boston and NYC shows together this week. NYC is gonna be raging. The Nouvellas are joining us that night too so i'm gonna actually have some real backup singers that night. Luxurious!
After the Neighborhood Theatre show i went out to Concord to crash with my buds Susan and Seth Avett. I woke up with the prettiest cat ever, Beatrice. She was pink and brown and white and only drinks out of a moving water fountain. I miss my cat. Its so nice out in Concord. Its so different from Asbury. Just rolling feilds everywhere. So peaceful. You can see how it would be easy to make alot of good art out there. You can hear yourself think.
Seth made this awesome little video of him covering my song "the way it is" I'm speechless. I've been singing that song for so long now sometimes I forget that I actually like the song. After watching this i'm in love with it again. Thanks Seth! Here is the video. If you go on youtube you can also find some videos of him covering our friend Langhorne Slim too. Its awesome...


DaveCromwell said...

Good blog! Thanks for the update. The Bowery show should be a lot of fun.

Great cover of "the way it is" here too. Bravo, Seth!

lewis said...

these east coast shows don't help me out much in arizona. siiiiigh.

Anonymous said...

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