Monday, November 3, 2008

Back in the AP

Home and very happy about it. The Parlor Mob are finally home too after a 10 week tour. I have freinds again! Sam, Paul's drummer just moved into the apartment above ours so our building is like a dorm. Its gonna be great and now we have a sweet little beagle, Roger, to hang out with all the time. This also means Miss Lulu will be around more and that means more creepy cool sinister photos. yay!
The Carolina shows with the Avetts were so much fun. I'm so thankful to have such cool and funny friends like them. Their fans have this almost church-like devotion to their music and it just fills me up with so much proud joy everytime i see them play. My heart just poops all over itself. haha!
I also really enjoyed playing with my good friends from Charlotte in my band for these. DK, Matt, John, Shawn and Stephen, you are some talented motherfuckers and so much fun to be around to boot. Thank you!
Tonight Paul and I are gonna head down to the Count Basie Theatre and see David Byrne play. Really looking forward to it. He's one of my favorite songwriters and I've never seen him live. They also just remodeled the theatre so i'm excited to see what they did with the joint.
Me and the Sea play Philadelphia on Wed, DC on Fri, and Charlotte on Sat. Then on thursday, the Parlor Mob and I are recording Scott Walker's "the Seventh Seal" for a compilation they are putting out in conjunction with the release of the Scott Walker DVD, "30th Century Man" Gonna try to make our version of the song completely epic and evil as fuck.

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Hal Hansen said...

Hey Nicole...I was at the Count Basie last night as well and thought it was great. David's voice absolutely floored me (and his dance moves were pretty sweet too). Hope you enjoyed and are doing well...