Thursday, October 22, 2009

You Come to Me

Above is a video of my new song "you come to me" from our show at the House of Blues in Boston. So we're in Urbana Illinois now. The tour is only three shows in but we are already having the best time ever. The crowd that goes to an Avetts show are just great real music fans. They dance, they participate, they are friendly. Anyways, its been an absolute pleasure playing for you guys and meeting ya'll.
It was our tour manager Colin's bday the other night and per his request the Avetts played a Bob song. He was so happy i thought he was gonna cry. Cute lil kipper. After our set Seth was singing "neptune city" in an Edith from All in the Family voice. I told him that thats what my voice was gonna sound like in two years. hahah! god forbid! yesterday i was feeling pretty hoarse and thought I wasnt gonna be able to pull it off but it passed and now i think my throat is adjusting finally. The new songs are pretty taxing with all the screaming and whatnot haha, but i have a good feeling its gonna be ok. I also painted some new bags in the van today. They are looking so cool. Very psychedelic with an old fillmore art feel. I have three new ones to sell at the show tonight so be on the lookout.
Gonna get my hair did in Chicago tomorrow. A new color me thinks. I'm thinking either almost black or a dark dark brown red. Wish I could do blue but that shit just washes out too fast. thoughts?


Sarah said...

I personally liked the blond highlights, but super dark brown red would be great on you.

Thanks for posting the video. That show was so much fun!

Henry said...

Hi Nicole,

ohmygosh I was the one who recorded that video, I hope you dont mind. I fixed the title lol.

I'm a HUGE fan and that was the first time I saw you guys live. It was an awesome show, thanks for being so amazing.

Have fun on tour!! I can't wait for the new album! Plz come back to Boston soon!

Crump said...

Brown-Red all the way. Also - why no Avetts on the Chicago show? They gonna do a surprise set, or maybe jump up for some duets?

Kenneth Griggs said...

Just saw you in Urbana last night. Consider me a fan. You got a great sound.