Friday, October 23, 2009

Guest Bloggie Time with the Black Sea's Shane Nelken

Friends! Neighbours! (notice the Canadian spelling 'neighb'ours')
Our little Bloglings! I have emerged from behind a wall of keyboards to guest blog. (which is huge for me as both my parents were killed in a blogging accident. oh well, must press on)
Touring with Nicole Atkins and the Avett Brothers has been a tremendously inspiring honor. Last night in Urbana, Illinois was amazing. Such wonderful people here. I have a bit of a beef with the 'Fish Tales' pinball machine in the lobby of the Canopy club however. I'll be back, you mechanized son of a so and so!
If you are able to come and see us play, i highly suggest you do so. As the only Canadian in the group, not only do i put care into every note i play, i put 'health care' into every note i play! That's right,step right up, get as close as you can and i will lay keyboard thunder full of love all over your awe struck faces! (oops, i accidentally typed 'feces' instead of faces. that would have been embarassing)
hope to throw another blog on the fire soon, baboon.
Shane Out!


sour29 said...

As the only Canadian in the group, it is your duty to bring Nicole BACK to Canada. Specifically Toronto. Specifically, Lee's Palace again. We miss you guys. <3

Kevin said...

Then after Lee's, you have to bring her to the Wellmont in Montclair. That's in New Jersey, but it shares its name with a Canadian water company, so you see the obvious connection!

Welcome aboard Shane!

TucsonBob said...

Saw y'all last night at the Keith-Albee in Huntington, WV! I love Nicole Atkins! Seeing you guys & the Avetts on the same bill was just HUGE for me! BTW -- Nicole was good enough to hang out at the tables and sign merch for people (I got an autographed "Ouija" poster!) and to have her photo snapped (one with me!!! woo-hoo!). Thanks for a great show & some fine NEW music -- looking forward to the new disc!