Sunday, October 18, 2009

And We're Off!!!!!

Tonight is the first night of our tour with the Avett Brothers! I saw some pictures of their Terminal 5 show in Brooklyn last night and the sheer volume of people that were there has me equally excited and nervous. It was mobbed!!! House of Blues in Boston tonight...cannot wait! The drive up from Jersey was pretty hilarious. My friend Shane Nelken of the Awkward Stage in Vancouver is joining us on keyboards and guitar for this tour and everything that comes out of his mouth is beyond funny. I laughed so hard in the van I think it made my voice a bit hoarse. Although, being in the van with 5 guys I think I might have reached my "dick and poop joke," quota by the first day. hahah!
We are gonna play mostly new songs this time around because we wanna test out the songs on an audience before we go into the studio this winter to FINALLY record the next record. Roadside preproduction. These songs are alot heavier and a bit vocally taxing so I gotta figure out how to kick my coffee habit during this tour. Not sure if its gonna happen so I might have to make some sort of pin for my jacket that says "i'm not a bitch, i'm just on vocal rest" so I can keep my talking to a minimum after shows. I'm a loudmouth tho so that'll probably be tough too. The Jersey/Sicilian/Lover of all things Acidic combo is my voices enemy but i'll get it straight soon enough.
So happy to be out on the road again and so are the guys. We stayed the night at my manager's assistant Tom's parents house. The Wironens. Such nice people. I stayed in one of their sons rooms and there were fishing poles and shotguns by my bed. POWAAA! And they made us breakfast. Now the Black Sea are watching football. I think these blogs might end up being a bit too long to read for ya'll as I don't get football and am boredtown. Anyways, stay tuned for some tour videos!!!


DaveCromwell said...

Blogs are never "too long"

Keep on sharing your thoughts, Nicole ;-)

And have a great tour!

Anonymous said...

Nope, definitely never too long.

Cannot wait to see you at the Beachland Tavern, again!!!

Brett Jensen said...

Great blog. I really laughed over your comment about reaching your "dick and poop joke," quota by the first day. That's the way my wife feels after an evening around our sons and friends.

Crump said...

Have you tried switching from coffee to tea? A good black tea has a fair amount of caffeine. Or even better, you can try yerba mate (ma - tay) tea which has almost the exact same amount of caffeine as coffee with generally less of the negative effects (read "crash") as coffee.

Joshua Keel said...

Way to go, Nicole! I finally kicked my Coke (as in the soft drink) habit a couple of months ago, as I'm also a singer and knew it was killing me. You won't regret getting off the badness!

I hope to see you when you come to DC in November.

P.S. I also don't get football.


Sarah said...

I loved all the new songs. I know I know, not all that constructive. I wish we had gotten to swing by the Merch table. You are so right, the sheer volume of people is nutty. We were squished by peeps trying to get closer after you left the stage. Unbelievable.

Civil War is going to be a new favorite song. Lyrics to mirror my life at the moment. And (the) Tower. omg, I can't imagine getting to rock out like that every day. It was awesome and a great way to end. The new band (well not so new anymore) compliments you perfectly. I was so glad to get to see you last night. Come back soon! Even if it's the Paradise lounge on Tuesdays (or was that Sundays... so long ago) in March.

Enjoy the tour, rest up and what Crump said, maybe switch to tea?

Sarah said...

I almost forgot. You looked great! You're so tiny!