Monday, March 9, 2009


Getting ready to leave for tour today with AC Newman. Paul just left for his first tour in Europe. The house is in shambles and i have a sinus infection that has been with me for almost a week now. Gonna go hang out with some serious salt water, throw a couple dresses in a bag and get some wheatgrass. Happy to be getting the eff out of Jersey. So happy.


Joshua said...

Just saw that you were playing with AC for some of the east coast dates and was thrilled! Then I saw that you leave just before Philadelphia and was less thrilled. Any way you'll play the 3/17 Philly date?? Its on the way from NYC to DC :)

sam said...

Have fun! Try steam a couple of times a day for those sinuses (especially after you wake up). May not help much but you'll probably feel better.

DaveCromwell said...


for the Bowery Ballroom show. An *official* feature ;-)

See ya there.

Bill said...

Hmm, could Nicole be heading to Austin after the AC Newman gigs? Just read this article that got me wondering about that possibility. You vinyl hounds may wanna check it out. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing show tonight in Montreal!! :-)

Thanks Nicole for being who you are, for being what you are. You are unique and fantastic.

AC Newman and the band were great... well , more than great, it was a fantastic night!! The band is very tight.

I didn't speak with you or any member of the band after the show, as i had to leave (i work early in the morning), but i wanted to tell you here that i love what you do, i loved the show tonight, and i hope you come back soon, with your own material i hope!

I saw you opening for the Pipettes in 2007, and i can't wait for a full Nicole Atkins show!