Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i meant this one..........


Joe said...

Hard to believe there are any classic rock albums I have not heard, but somehow that one escaped me until now. Thanks for sharing.

In a much poppier vein, with today's snow I am listening to Marshall Crenshaw's self titled debut album from 1982. A happy gem.

Bill said...

Hi. Saw the Traffic post (way underrated band, IMHO) and thought that ya'll might enjoy chewing on this article regarding "life-changing" albums I ran across yesterday. It spurred some good conversations between my friends and me and, who knows, maybe Nic herself will chime in on the subject. :-)


"Gmail" Bill

P.S. Attach the two lines of the address to access; for some reason the address gets chopped off if I post it whole.

P.P.S. Personally, my ultimate "life changer" album had to have been Sgt. Pepper. I turned 10 that summer so you can just imagine the effect it had on an impressionable kid who was already "gaga" over the Fab Four!

Michael (Snick422) said...

Off topic, but is there any way I can get your work with Los Parasols? I'm a big fan.


Vallin said...

Yeah, I knew what you meant! It's another reason why you are KUUL, Nicole. I remember when it was released, which is another reason I HAVE to live in London.