Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Holidays from Brooklyn!

Hey Everyone!

Happy holidays to you and yours. I hope this year has been a total blast for all ya'll. I know it has been for me. Thanks to all of you who bought "Mondo Amore," and came out and partied with us at the shows. We had such a fantastic time touring this record with our buddies the Black Keys and the Avett Brothers, and then doing our own shows and also, my first little solo tour. Seriously, you guys are the blood and gasoline that keep us running and we couldnt be more grateful to get to play these songs for you all.

Good News... my new video for "Hotel Plaster," premiers tomorrow (Friday) via our good friends over at! Check it out! It was directed by the supernaturally talented Mandy Bisesti and stars members of the Black Sea and my roomates, the Ragolia twins. Its a trip down the rabbits hole filmed in the deep dark woods. I hope you guys love it as much as we enjoyed making it. Please share the video, Retweet it, facebook it, messenger pigeon it, etc.

We've got Mondo Amore vinyl and cds, Signed limited edition posters and tshirts over at for awesome holiday gifts for your loved ones. Get some!

On a more somber note, our good friend Bob Crawford of the Avett Brothers has a daughter who has fallen quite ill. They are collecting donations for little Hallie while she gets better over at St. Judes. Here is a link to the info as to how you can help.

Finally, thanks again for a stellar year with you all out on the road. I'm locking myself away for a couple months to write another album for you all to enjoy. Blessings and tidings to you and yours!

Love and Rockets,
Nicole Lee Atkins


FernandoDANTE said...

Thank you very much for the awesome album, Ms. Atkins. Can't wait for more. Do show up and play a gig in Brazil sometime, k?

CincyChuck said...

Happy Holidays and thank you, Nicole for a great album and tour. Loved seeing you and the Black Sea in Newport, KY.

Goat said...

Thanks for ending the tour in Denver. Such a fantastic show. Can't wait for the next album.

Anita said...

Nicole...Happy Christmas for the sweatbox in Charlotte NC> I loved the milestone show. we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary that night. Helluva show, helluve chanteuse. Just saw you on tv on Studio. Come visit us again. I will personally find you a venue with some air conditioning. Happy new year. THANKS!!!