Monday, March 8, 2010

Nicole Atkins Feat. Future Clouds & Radar @ SXSW!

I'm getting ready to head down to Austin on Saturday for SXSW and I'm excited and honored to announce that one of my favorite Austin bands, Future Clouds and Radar will be my backing band for the festival! Their music is a mixture of great storytelling, mystery, psychedelia and heart. Having them backing me up is pretty fitting too as over the last year their leader, Robert Harrison and I have formed a great working relationship as cowriters for some songs on my upcoming album and for a few songs on our side project Sir Parker. I'm really excited to be going down there to play mostly new songs from my upcoming album (still figuring out what i'm going to call it...perhaps i'll just name the album "the black sea," thoughts?)and am also excited to be able to introduce ya'll to future clouds and radar! check out some of their songs here:

While we're in Austin you can come see me play here:

Mar 14 2010 9:45P Performance @ ACL Studios Austin, Texas

Mar 18 2010 7:30P
La Zona Rosa Austin, Texas (Ray Davies & Roky Erikkson w/ Okkervil River are also on this bill so I'd get there early so you can get in! Yay!)

Mar 19 2010 1:30P
Club DeVille - BrooklynVegan Party Austin, Texas

Mar 20 2010 1:00P
Red Eyed Fly - WXPN Party Austin, Texas


Anonymous said...

Sure wish you could have made a stop by the Dallas/Fort Worth area before Austin. I know its only about 4 hours away but Austin is craziness during SXSW, as you know. I'm gettin very ready to see you again though..Cant wait to hear the new songs!

Anonymous said...

SXSW (and DirecTV) are the reason I even know you exist, so I'm glad to see you're going back.

How the heck did you get passed over for Lilith Fair by the way? You'd blow the pants off that crowd.

And as for your album title, should you go with the nautical theme, I think you should let one of these two ladies do your artwork.

dreamstablekeeper said...

Hmm... two nautical ideas: "RELATIONSHIPWRECKED!" or "Nicole Atkins and the Ocean of Storms"

Alicia said...

The Black Sea is perfect, soooooo cool! Are you comming to Los Angeles anytime soon? The Stop Staring! crew is waiting to see you live! We would love to give you dresses, just because you make beautiful music to live and work by! Thank you!

bleedingdiamonds said...

i should be playing a solo show at largo in la sometime soon and i'd love to meet you ladies and check out some dresses. i actually already own a few of them! awesome!
and, relationshipwrecked! that is genius!

cjfryan said...

Nicole Atkins and the Black Sea.
Siren ,, Siren Songs

Talk about wrecks..

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1.Classical Mythology. one of several sea nymphs, part woman and part bird, who lure mariners to destruction by their seductive singing.
2.a seductively beautiful or charming woman, esp. one who beguiles men: a siren of the silver screen. acoustical instrument for producing musical tones, consisting essentially of a disk pierced with holes arranged equidistantly in a circle, rotated over a jet or stream of compressed air, steam, or the like, so that the stream is alternately interrupted and allowed to pass. implement of this kind used as a whistle, fog signal, or warning device.
5.any of several aquatic, eellike salamanders of the family Sirenidae, having permanent external gills, small forelimbs, and no posterior limbs.
6.of or like a siren.
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–verb (used without object) go with the siren sounding, as a fire engine.
–verb (used with object) allure in the manner of a siren.

Alicia said...

When you play in LA, of course Stop Staring! will be there! If you contact me while you are in LA, you can come to our showroom, and pick out some dresses! We would love to meet you. contact me at

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