Tuesday, August 25, 2009

communication breakdown....

hello friends-

i am very sorry for the recent decent into the abyss. there is much to tell and i've been thinking about you guys the whole time. i will write you all a proper catch up, hangtime, news blowout. but in the meantime, here is a wonderful blog from my friend john morris from charlotte (of tyre fyre and come on thunderchild fame) of his recent stay with me this past weekend and his thoughts on our beautiful asbury park. catch you soon!


Joe said...

In the words of John Sebastian:

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome ba-a-ack.

Shane said...


It was really great meeting you at the white water evening! I checked out more of your music and its amazing. you are super talented! Its nice to know you are still a down to earth, genuine person. You were cool to talk to and funny!I want to see a show!Can u get me on an email list? You left quite the impression on me,Im the guy you said looked like TATE.

Keep rockin'

Your newest fan

Nanoo alias Ania said...

lol Joe !
Good one !

Skywriter said...

I was talking to a publishing manager a couple of days ago to get some insights into demos & what happens if one gets dropped from a label ;)I Passed on a link to one of your performances and he asked me to pass on his e-mail addy to you!

Is there any address I can send it to? He's a manager at Sing A Song Publ'g Denmark. Might be good for the european/scandinavian market :)
Was thinking of sending it to your myspace account but is that you or the label?