Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scott Walker Tribute Record out on Monday!

Via the Scott Walker 30 Century Man film site comes news of a tribute album, which is due out April 27 on Lakeshore Records.

“Duchess” Peter Broderick
“Big Louise” Sally Norvell
“World’s Strongest Man” Damon & Naomi
“Manhattan” Saint Etienne
“The Electrician” Laurie Anderson
“The Seventh Seal” Nicole Atkins
“Montague Terrace (in Blue)” Dot Allison
“The Bridge” Bee & Flower
“Rhymes of Goodbye” Stephanie Dosen
“It’s Raining Today” Ulrich Schnauss
“A Lover Loves” Jarboe
“Such a Small Love” Little Annie & Paul Walfisch

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Viewtiful Joe said...

...just downloaded it from Amazon and WOW... what an excellent performance of the Seventh Seal! I was a huge fan of the original, but leave it to you to make it fresh and new, while preserving the emotion that made the original so great! (Much like all the songs in the Digg's Other People's Songs album!)

It's always a treat when one of your songs hits the stores! Thanks!